Core Data Cleanup

Product Description:  Assist credit unions with the normalization of their data.  Cleaning the data on the system you know, prior to a core conversion will make your data conversion easier and more accurate for your team and members.

Business Benefits: The FIT Data Cleanup engagement helps to identify data errors, through a variety of reports and provides update programs to be used to correct most data errors discovered, including but not limited to, cleaning orphaned records, normalizing non-member records, locating missing or inconsistent social security numbers and birth dates for primary owners, joint owners, co-borrowers, and beneficiaries, and identifying members and organizations with the same social security numbers.

Product Highlights:  The cleanup will begin at the account level and then work towards the process level. It is important to ensure that your member data is clean before starting to work on the process items that could impact you in the future. The FIT Data Cleanup programs are also designed to ensure long-term maintenance of your data. The products we provide do not leave your environment when the project is complete. We help your team set up a long-term plan in which you can run these programs long after the FIT Data Cleanup engagement has ended.