Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility. FIT can provide a multi-faceted solution for your business. Whether you need software, training or an assessment of your current environment, our team of certified professionals can curate a cybersecurity program that fits the needs of your business.

Advanced Threat Detection Software
We can provide software that sees more than just computer viruses. It detects behaviors that resemble known threat activity with network automation and remediation. On top of the software, 24x7x365 monitoring and support can be included to help you and your team sleep better at night.

Email Filtering
Our email filtering solution helps to stop threats before they ever arrive to your end users. Backed by a threat reporting network, our solution provides near real-time updates to protect against the most current threats.

DNS Filtering
In order to provide protection against known phishing links and malware found on websites or in email that has gotten through, we provide DNS filtering to block visits to those sites.

Security Awareness Training
While software provides a great start in protecting the integrity of your data, it does have limitations. One errant click could compromise critical or sensitive data and could render your system unusable. The human element can be the most vulnerable part of your environment. Our training can help to make your employees one of the strongest elements by providing targeted phishing, on-site training, and quarterly reporting.