Product Description: This robust General File Maintenance tool is your gateway for creativity with KeyBridge® API. This allows you to schedule extracts, reports, automation, updates, postings and much more through your KeyStone® software jobs and any job scheduler you use to run those jobs.

Business Benefits: FITGENFM empowers your staff with database and SQL knowledge to automate tasks that normally would need to be programmed in Java. This shortens the learning curve to make your staff more productive, faster. This also allows your organization to be more agile and keep up with organizations with multiple developers, as well as making your processes maintainable by a larger pool of people.

Product Highlights: The FITGENFM – General File Maintenance Program is a translator that takes SQL statements and converts them to KeyBridge® API Java calls to do tasks within KeyBridge® API.  Use this program in your batch scripts for maintenance, data fixes, generating extracts, report creation and updating fields.