Core Conversion Suite

FIT offers a suite of services to assist in a conversion to a new core financial system. These products are available to meet your conversion needs.

Data Transformation

Our Data Transformation Program will provide an efficient process to export and map all of your critical core datasets from your Branch Suite Oracle server for your conversion. Learn more…

Automic Enterprise Scheduler

Changing your Core processor no longer requires you to convert your Enterprise Automic Scheduler. All agents, clients, and workflows will transition to the new environment, preserving your investment and empowering the intellectual property your staff has perfected over the years using Automic’s trusted product. Learn more…

Data Entity Suite

The FIT Entity Normalization Program uses personally identifying information (such as name, SSN, and DOB) to analyze the multiple records a person has within the Credit Union. The program output will generate a series of reports that will highlight the discrepancies among the various records for the person and help prepare the Credit Union for the transition from an account-centric database structure to a person-centric database structure.

ACH Fraud Program

FIT provides an ACH Fraud Program that will allow credit unions to place ACH transactions on hold until the transaction can be reviewed, post the item but hold the funds for a period of time, or automatically set a return code for the item to be returned. Learn more…

Merger Services

Every year credit unions merge, acquire or position to be acquired in an effort to scale, consolidate efficiencies and address technology gaps.

FIT’s Merger and Acquisitions are a complex set of services that works with your merger efforts to augment your staff’s ability for a timely execution of onboarding the new digital relationship by securely and accurately mapping member data.  This includes efforts to merge your front office, back office, project management, regulatory, audit, and operational processes that are also required to support your merger efforts.

System Support

FIT offers an array of system support options from monitoring to security. Let us help craft a solution to meet your needs.

System Monitoring

Our team can augment your IT staff by assisting in monitoring your technolgy systems.


We offer expertise in DR / HADR systems to help ensure your data remains safe.


Process Automation

Our ITIL & ServiceNow certified professionals can enable your business to deliver IT services more efficiently and effectively through innovative ITSM workflows, improving your users’ experience.



We can bolster your security posture by providing consulting and support of your Cybersecurity efforts.


KeyStone Development

FIT programming staff can assist with your KeyStone custom development needs.  FIT uses the KeyBridge and KeyInsight API for designing and implementing professional commercial applications, reports, a Loan Approval Process, ACH Fraud Review, and enhancing your front and back-office user interface.  Please review our catalog of items for more detailed product delivery or contact us for more details on your requirements.

IT Governance, Risk and Compliance

Our certified professionals can help design and implement your Enterprise Governance of Information and Technology to align with your business strategy.  This area will focus on the Enterprise strategy, determine the scope, and design factors related to regulatory and framework alignment relating to the management of Information and technology.  NCUA ACET, IT Risk Assessments, IT Policies, and IT Board Reporting are included in the delivery of this program.


Control Self-Assessments

Our staff can offer insight into performing control assessment for the safety and integrity of your organization.


Software Asset Management

Our professionals can conduct an assessment to understand your vision and current state for a Software Asset Management program, along with recommending best practices for initiating a SAM program.


Privileged Access Management

We can give you an understanding into how to control and manage access to critical data.


Business Continuity

Let us help outline procedures and instructions an organization must follow in the face of disasters or other business disruption.


Executive Speaking Engagements

Engage with our CXO Speaking Program and add to your Board or Planning Session events with the resources leading the industry with creative, innovative, and entrepreneur culture. The ability to turn things around demonstrates leadership and insight in regulatory, cybersecurity CUSO and business operations. Contact FIT for schedule availability and program requirements.